“How to Heal a Butterfly,” Learning Self and Love, Short Stories of Perseverance


How to Heal a Butterfly, written by Mia Hewett is a soul-stirring journey that blends self-help with raw urban fiction.

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    I’m an East Coast native, born and raised in the hidden gem of Wilmington, Delaware. I also classify as a Hey Arnold, Power Puff Girls, Rugrats alumni, class of the 90’s babies, “all grown up,” so to speak. Over the years I have diligently worked to build my brand as an author and entrepreneur. 

    Over the years I have diligently worked to build my brand as an author and entrepreneur. My first self-published book, “Scope, Guide to Empowering Perception,” was rush-released in January of 2018; boy did I have a lot to learn back then! Four years later and I still have a ton of studying to do as I continue to grow as a writer. I am also discovering more each day about how to run a successful grass-roots business.

    Positive Push LLC, web-based publishing and marketing company, was launched in June of 2020. Positive Push provides a network of resources and support for fellow authors, as well as readers who benefit from the inspirational message of, “How to Heal a Butterfly.”

    My family matters a great deal to me. Maintaining a healthy balance between tending to the needs of my loved ones and my entrepreneurial career is at the top of my priority list. I would describe myself as a motivated businesswoman with a child’s heart. I have a keen eye and ear for details that help me to enjoy the freckles of life. My dream is to travel the world seeing and uplifting the best humanity has to offer.

    Nevertheless, I am not in the business of sowing false hope. The truth is that we are equivalently as great as we believe ourselves to be. My goal is to empower readers with the ascending knowledge that no matter the mountains and valleys we encounter, we are each well-equipped to conquer our feats and win in life.


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