Product Pricing Tool

Why waste thousands of dollars when you can price your product correctly the first time?

Do you sell on Shopify, Amazon, eBay, Etsy or Facebook and need to price your product more effectively?

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Compare All Plans

This tool lets you price 1,000+ products and INSTANTLY gives you insight on FUTURE SALES (Saving you THOUSANDS in the process!)

Growth Chart

How much will your account balance increase (or decrease) every time you make a sale of your product at this price? And how much will your savings balance grow (or decrease) over time? No need to calculate yourself. Simply look at the chart and see.

Revenue, Expenses and Profit

How much profit will you really make after your expenses? No more guesswork. Simply look at the analysis. You’ve probably never seen a breakdown of your profit like this… (It’s all calculated for you!)

Plug and Play

Plug your numbers into the calculator and your Product Pricing Tool will generate the report instantly. Simple. Fast. Easy. Did we mention you can do this for 1,000+ products?

Your Report in Plain English

No more late night calculations or pulling your hair out on “What if“? You have goals to grow your business, and you need enough profit to do it. Enter your growth as a percentage in the calculator tab, and we’ll let you know if your product is priced well enough to meet your target. Boom. We’ve got your back.

Ledger Report

You might make money this sale. But will your ledger balance continue to grow? Don’t throw your hands up and sell your product to see if it works. Look into the future NOW and see if you will really increase your money over time!

How Many Sales Till You Replenish Your Balance?

You might wish to price your product so competitively that you’ll be willing to take a loss on the first few sales to realize growth later on. We’ll calculate this complex problem instantly for you and let you know how many sales it’ll take for you to recoup your initial surplus deficit, giving you peace of mind while crushing your competition.