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Note: If you purchased a leadership or membership, please login first by selecting “My Account” in the upper right and selecting “Customer”. Then come back to this registration page and complete the registration.

For your convenience, you may Download instructions below:

1. The first step to becoming a Partner of The Black MasterMind Group is to register as an Affiliate on The Community Connection. Simply fill out the form and click Register. Tip: Save your Password!

2. Congratulations! You’ve successfully submitted your Affiliate Account Request. You should see a Thank You Screen that looks like below:

3. Check your email for a welcome message from The Community Connection. Then select Connect to Stripe to get daily automatic payouts to your bank account. Tip: Check your Bulk, Junk and Spam folders if needed.

(Note: If you’re already a vendor and have connected your bank account, you can skip this step.)

4. Now it’s time to connect your bank account. Enter your information. Tip: Enter a phone number you can check for a security code.

5. Then enter the verification code sent to your phone.

Note: If you already have a Stripe Account associated with the phone number you’re using, you’ll be asked to sign into Stripe. Go ahead and sign in. Once signed in, you’ll be taken back to Step 4. Complete Step 4, then Step 5.

6. Now, enter your business details.

7. Next, enter your business representative information.

8. Now, enter your payout details. You can choose to have payments sent to your bank account or debit card.

9. Review your details, click Submit and your Payment setup is complete.

10. Go to your welcome email from The Black MasterMind Group, highlight the link to the Leadership Application page, and copy it.

11. Log into your Partner Dashboard by clicking here, or by going to and selecting My Account in the upper right corner and selecting Affiliate. You should arrive at your Partner Dashboard as shown below:

12. Paste the Leadership Application link from step 10 into the Generate URL field, then click Generate.

13. Congratulations! Your special Partner Link has been generated. Copy this link and save it somewhere where you can easily get to it. Repeat Step 10-13 for the Membership link as well.

14. Promote your Partner links to your network such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram or Twitter.

15. Check your email for notification of commissions and see your payouts in your Stripe Dashboard and Partner Dashboard.