Eventbrite Cancels Affiliate Program!

Eventbrite used to allow you to pay affiliates to sell tickets on their platform, but as of January 2021, they have stopped this feature. If you didn’t know this, just log into your Eventbrite, click on “Account Settings” and select “Affiliate Program”.

You will quickly see that message: We no longer support adding affiliates programs to events. Affiliate programs you’re already a part of will continue to function.

If you’ve used their affiliate program before, you will know that it was not great to begin with. You would have to remember to pay each of your affiliates manually through PayPal, which is a pretty big headache, especially after being exhausted from planning and running an event.

Plus the statistics were not accurate, meaning that some affiliate referrals were not logged, and so the event coordinators would have to go through each customer to find which affiliate referred which customer. It is disappointing to many people who use Eventbrite to promote their events.

Alternative to Eventbrite

Thankfully, The Community Connection offers Vendors the opportunity to pay Affiliates to promote and sell their tickets (and payouts are automatically deposited into both Affiliates and Vendors’ bank accounts). Here’s how it works:

In your Vendor Dashboard, you’ll set the percent commission you would like your affiliates to receive when they sell your tickets for you.

Watch the Vendor Products Tutorial below to see how easy it is to create event tickets and other products on The Community Connection.

Why not create your next event with The Community Connection? Click here to watch our onboarding video to see how easy it is to get started.

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